People Training for Dogs (Cesar Millan's Mastering Leadership Series, Vol. 1)

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People Training for Dogs (Cesar Millan's Mastering Leadership Series, Vol. 1)Rating: 
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Product Description

Cesar Millan, star of the hit TV series "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan," presents a common sense guide to understanding the basics of dog behavior.

This DVD is a must-have for anyone who loves dogs and wants to learn how Cesar's methods have been so successful at rehabilitating even seemingly impossible-to-correct dog behaviors.

Topics include:

*Understanding the Nature of the Pack

*Energy and Body Language

*Giving Rules, Boundaries and Limitations

*Why the Walk is Important

*Cesar's Fulfillment Formula

****Cesar Millan, Inc. currently has 1000 DVDs available for purchase.


The basics of dog behavior
Understanding the nature of the pack
Energy and body language
Giving rules, boundaries, and limitations
Why the walk is important

Published on February 2018

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